Find Stillness


Find stillness.

Find stillness within yourself.

Find stillness with your lover.

Find stillness in your breath, in your touch.

Find stillness in your pleasure.

Find stillness in your eyes looking into mine.

Find stillness in your body next to mine.

Find stillness deep inside your lover, in the liquid melting of union.

Find stillness in their breath against your neck.

Find stillness in their heart against your chest.

Find stillness in the night as you lie together.

Find stillness in their morning warmth.

In this stillness, in this quiet, we go deep.

We go to a place within us that connects us to something beyond us.

It’s healing and restorative and revitalizing and relaxing and releasing without us having to do anything more than be. Be in the stillness.

So simple.

And like so much that is simple and deep, we struggle with stillness.

In this stillness we come to ourselves.

And to come to ourselves we have to drop the masks, the armour, the disconnect, the illusion of who we thought we were for who we are.

There is an inner eye on this stillness, a vision of feeling, of knowing.

In this stillness, with my heart I can see the heart of my lover.

In this stillness, the mystery of the field surrounds us, moves through us, expands us beyond time and space.

Stillness requires patience.

Stillness requires dedication.

Stillness requires presence, and takes us deeper into presence.

Stillness requires love, and takes us deeper into love.

Stillness requires devotion, and takes us deeper into devotion.

My love…

Here is a beautiful way to begin to explore the space of stillness with your lover…


Create a space that’s warm and comfortable, whatever elements you like, candles, music, incense, crystals, shells, music, special objects, chocolate, a vital part of ritual, anything you like, keep it simple, make it ornate, whatever you feel.

Close your eyes to connect with yourself, maybe put your hand on your heart, breathe.

Slowly open your eyes, look into each other’s eyes and connect, breathe.

Move into Yab Yum, one partner sits cross-legged, your partner sits on your lap, their legs around you. The partner sitting may want to put some cushions under their butt, makes it more comfortable. If you can’t sit like that try sitting on the edge of the bed or with your legs straight out.

Feel where your bodies touch, every place they touch. Melt into each other. Imagine with each breath that the boundaries between you disappear.

Begin to breathe in the same rhythm as each other, in together, out together. A slow, deep breath. Don’t strain, just breathe, slowly, deeply. If you lose the rhythm, come back to it.

At a point, which may take time, you’ll become softer, your mind will slow down to a point where it’s quiet.

There will be stillness.

And even if you just spend a few minutes together breathing, you will feel quieter inside, you will feel more connected, you will feel more intimate.