Heart – Sexual Energy Spiral Meditation


I shared a Heart – Sexual Energy Spiral Meditation with a group I facilitate recently.

I’m often not too prescriptive with these experiences as your body will allow the energy to flow in its own way rather than it needing to be in a certain way. This also allow you to explore possibilities with it and try some different things.

And, as with all new meditations it’s good to give it some time to have impact, for you to feel the energy. And even if you’re not feeling anything happening during the visualisation, you may feel it afterwards. Be patient.

On one hand it’s a connection between your heart and your sexual energy, which may open a deeper intimacy within yourself, which will expand into the connection with your lover. And it’s also about expanding the connection between two centers of vitality in your body.

Of course there are many more possibilities that include all the energy centers. This is one practice to open and deepen the connection that many of us don’t have.

In my work, which most people come to from a place of looking for sexual and relationship healing I find that sex and love are often very separate experiences and ideas. This leads to something always being missing, something always feeling unfulfilled and the frustration, the disconnect and lack of connection and intimacy that many people experience.

This is a deeply set pattern in many of us, and comes from a lack of education about pleasure, and about love.

We get some sex education, some biology, but very little education about pleasure and the context of pleasure, the connection between the heart and pleasure.

Get comfortable, be warm, maybe you’d like some music for this.

Begin by resting your hands on your heart centre in the middle of your chest.

Take a deep breath in and out slowly.

Breathe deeply and slowly without straining.

After a few minutes allow one hand to move to your sexual centre.

Wherever you touch draws awareness, holding these centres connects them.

From your heart, see, feel, visualize, become aware of, however it is for you, a spiral going down to your sexual centre.

It might have a colour, it might have a sensation and it may just be the awareness of it.

From your sexual centre become aware of a spiral of energy moving up to your heart.

It may be the same energy that came down, it may be its own spiral.

Allow these to keep moving, up and down your body.

And when they’re ready, allow them to expand from these centers to fill your body, spreading the energy throughout.

Feel what you feel.


When you’re ready, slowly open your eyes.

Be still for a few minutes.

Be aware of the feelings, the sensations.