A Free Talk, Online, Conscious Sexuality




Thursday 10 march, 7:30 pm, SAST


I’ve been asked about a workshop for beginners, and there’s an interesting perspective on this. Every workshop is for you, wherever you are, because you’ll come to the workshop from where you are. Whether you’re just starting a journey or you’ve been on the path for a while, there’s something for you.

Having said that, of course there’s a starting point, and we build a foundation, learn about the principles and practices to deepen our experience.

We’ll talk about Conscious Sexuality, Tantra and Neo-Tantra.

We’ll talk about the patterns we live in, and how these impact on our sexuality, relationships and lives. We’ll talk about education for pleasure. We’ll talk about sexual healing, sexual learning, and the possibilities of pleasure. We’ll talk about sexual energy and how that can be expressed in our lives. We’ll also have time for questions and discussion.


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