Conscious Sensual Massage Valentine's Experience

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Conscious Sensual Massage Valentine's Experience



Sat 17 Feb

Namaskar Wellness Hub, Bryanston, Johannesburg



Sensual Massage is an art that gives us deep pleasure, connection, intimacy, healing and fun..

Touch is one of the most important aspects of life, pleasure and relationship.

Sensual and Erotic Touch is a world of limitless possibility and exploration, of sensation and feeling.

It’s a pathway to deep intimacy, with ourselves and our lovers. It’s a pathway to healing.

And it’s a pathway to incredible, growing, expanding, limitless pleasure.

Learning to touch from the Heart is the way we open these expressions of ourselves, and the way we share them with others.

This is a practical workshop, learning and experiencing the techniques of Sensual and Erotic Touch.

It’s also the path to the deeper experiences of Yoni and Lingam Massage,

We’ll talk about creating a sensual space, the intention, what to massage with, where to massage, creating safety, communication, how to use your body etc.

Then we’ll begin experiencing, you’ll be guided through watching then doing.

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Sensual Touch

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