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You might know this, I have a WhatsApp group called the Gooroo Guide, which is a tongue in cheek, play on words to not take anything too seriously.

Every morning I share  voice note that’s about 2 minutes long, about healing, growth, intimacy, Tantra, sexuality, relationships, pleasure, consciousness etc.

It’s a broadcast group, nobody knows who is on it.

It’s available to people who come to workshops and webinars, and those working on healing and growth programmes.

I share regular meditations and practices on the group.

Here’s one of the meditations, and what someone experienced with it: ’Ooooh that was so so lovely. It felt like being with the divine masculine and the divine feminine at the same time, very delicious and connecting to earth and sky. Set off a lovely play session’.

Here’s the link:


You can join the group by subscribing for 3 months.

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