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I’ve been working in the field of Conscious Sexuality and relationships for almost 20 years, practicing Kinesiology, Shiatsu, Therapeutic Massage and Energy Healing before that. I also present SexTalk on every Fri, I’ve produced a range of educational DVD’s and write extensively.

In my practice I work with men, women and couples of all orientations and backgrounds, so there’s something in this content for everyone. In fact, you’ll connect with most of it regardless of where you are on the sexual and relationship spectrum.


The Gooroo Guide came out of sharing new insights, questions, practices, inspirations, techniques and tips with my clients. When something that applied to many people would come up in a session or at a workshop, I began to share it with everyone I was working with using WhatsApp voice notes.

I’ve expanded this and I’d love to make it available to everyone using the same platform.


What I’m sharing is about growth, consciousness, healing, mystery, health, relationships, intimacy, sexuality, sensuality, energy, creativity and even business.

You’ll receive practical things to do on your own to explore your sexual energy, things to do with your partner, games to play with each other, exercises and processes to enhance the intimacy of your relationship, energy and health practices, ideas, inspirations and possibilities for so many aspects of life, techniques to help you be more creative, more connected to life, explorations into consciousness and spirituality, ways to help you shift perspectives on the issues we have and more.


When you subscribe to The Gooroo Guide you get introductory talks on The Patterns We Live With, A Model of Energy as a Model for Life, Healing and Growth Through Possibility, The Practice of Questions and you’ll learn a powerful exercise called The Heart Breath.

After that I’ll send you the voice notes privately. You’ll receive a minimum of 3 each week as well as a video. I’m also happy to share with you the links to the articles I read and the talks and videos I listen to and watch.

Each week you will get via WhastApp:


• 3 Voice Notes
• 1 Video
• 1 Mystery item with surprise content

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