Coffee and Rope

Last week I did a rope workshop facilitated by a friend in Australia.
It was a very non-traditional approach, that wasn’t really about tying, knots, positions etc, which is often quite technical.
This was about the energy of the rope, using the rope as a communication, as a sensual element, as part of the intention and sensuality of the experience, as an energy.
As with all things I learn I couldn’t wait to try it and personalize it, see how it worked, where it could go, what the possibilities were.

This Sensual Coffee of Presence

The afternoon winter sun, it’s delicious in Johannesburg.

Coffee and a few mouthfuls of something sweet. I have a weakness for pastry, and today it’s a mini almond croissant.

A digression, more coffee shops should have something small, a few mouthfuls to have with coffee, it’s something missing from awareness.

This is a sharing of sensual consciousness, sensual meditation, sensual awareness, how these few moments can bring us into such presence.

I can’t look at the sun directly, I look at its edges, and so often we get to see things by looking at the edges of them, slowly we can see more.

I close my eyes, bring my awareness to the skin of my face, feel the warmth there.


Coffee and Duct Tape

What in the world have coffee and duct tape got to do with each other?

My daughter asked me a question last night.
She phrased it more or less like this, ‘I don’t know if I want to know the answer to this but I’m asking anyway, why is there a roll of duct tape on the counter in the kitchen?’

I laughed.
This was not an uncommon question in my home.

Coffee and a Kiss

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Coffee piece, it’s also been a while, a long while since I’ve written an erotic piece.

I remember, she said, I asked you this long ago, a little while after we’d met.
I asked you how you were going to kiss me the first time we kissed.

Coffee, Panettone and Expanded Orgasm

Coffee this afternoon is special, with one of my favorite things, Panettone, so deliciously sensual.
I am so glad we only get them for a short time in South Africa, at this time of the year.
Tonight’s workshop is also special, one of my favorites to teach. I enjoy everything I teach, Expanded Orgasm is always special as it was one of the first workshops I taught

Coffee of Loving and Longing

Coffee this afternoon is fascinating.
I’m sipping it slowly, savoring the taste, the aroma. I’m looking at the sky, the garden, the clouds. I love watching clouds. I’m listening to the birds, distant traffic.
I’ve written and deleted a few lines so many times.
It’s a delicate coffee, delicate of body, delicate of mind.