The Pleasure In A Kiss

I love to kiss, and for me it’s an experience of deep intimacy and arousal.
There’s a conversation in our kiss, in the delicate touch of lips and tongues we tell our lovers so much. Our presence, our love, our desire are communicated in the moment.

We can bring ourselves into presence with our kiss, into an awareness.
More than that, a kiss can be a meditation.
It’s not just foreplay, it’s not just a lead-up to sex, it’s a journey on its own. There is a world of sensation, of emotion, of feeling, of energy in our kiss.
It can be playing, it can be a celebration of the joy of our mouths, the joy we find in each other.
It’s a dance of lips, mouths, tongues, breath, of pressure, of tempo.
It’s a feast of texture, taste and aroma.
Our kiss can be tender, soft, slow.
Liquid flow.
And it can be fire, growling, passion, messy.