Taking It Deep Into The Body

‘I just lay there and cried. In 47 years I had never been touched so gently. For 47 years my body, and my Yoni, a new word for me, as there were so many new things on this journey, had never been touched so gently.

Disneyland and The Holy Grail

So many of us are looking for the Disneyland of sex, love and pleasure. We think that’s where it is, the ultimate.

It’s like a roller-coaster or ghost-train. It’s a thrill. A quick thrill. There are some laughs. Your stomach hits your throat. There’s an adrenaline rush. Blood rushing through your body. There are some screams. You’re holding on really tight, muscles clenched.

Tell Me Something Different!

Most of my work is in the field of Conscious Sexuality and Relationships, which means that that’s what most people come and see me for, and that’s where most journeys start.
However, as our sexuality doesn’t happen in a vacuum, rather in the fullness of the context of our lives, as do our relationships, healing and growth journeys need to be in the same context.

Heart-Centered Healing

There’s a model of healing I keep coming back to. It’s challenging because it challenges the way we look at healing.

It’s not about fixing the problem.
And that’s the problem.

We’ve been convinced we have to fix the problem, whatever it is.
How about if we didn’t?
How about if there was another way?

Sitting With Love

I sat alone in the night and I asked Love to come and sit with me.

I know Love in all its exquisite savagery, in all its terrible beauty.

I know the gentleness and tenderness of Love, its warmth and safety.

I know the home that Love brings, the belonging.

The Questions We Shouldn’t Ask

There are some questions we shouldn’t ask.

Because the answers make us uncomfortable, they make us squirm inside.

Because if we ask them we might have to do something about it.
Because if we ask them we bring certain things into the light of day, we acknowledge their existence, and maybe they’re best left unsaid.

The Art of Sensual Massage

The deeper we go into Sensual Massage, the deeper we go into art.
The art of touch, the art of communication, the art of intention, the art of presence, the art of awareness, the art of consciousness, the art of connection, the art of intimacy, the art of vulnerability, the art of power, the art of love, the art of the heart, the art of the body.