SexTalk – A Couple’s Journey

A couple’s journey of sexual healing, growth and exploration. An open conversation about the possibilities we can create in our pleasure and relationships.

SexTalk – Male Sexuality

We tend to think that when it comes to sex men are simple. The truth is that male sexuality is incredibly complex, deeply emotional and often very scary. We’ll look at some of the problems men face and how to solve them.

SexTalk – Where Do You Go To Play?

The team investigate all the different swingers’ clubs, fetish venues and spaces for adults to play and explore their sensuality and sexuality.

SexTalk – Questions, Answers & Curiosities

Some of the CliffCentral team’s questions about sex answered! Can one be allergic to sperm? Can you tell if someone is good in bed just by looking at them? We can never stop learning in our quest for pleasure.

SexTalk – Exploring Your Sexuality

There is a world of endless pleasure and possibilities… to get there we need to go beyond what we know, beyond our patterns, to a place of greater freedom.