Exploring The Erotic Spirit

I was preparing for the webinar I have coming up on Thurs, Exploring the Erotic Spirit, with a smile inside.

It’s based on a workshop I teach called Awakening the Erotic Spirit. For a while I’ve been thinking about how to do that online, and realised in that format I don’t think it’ll work, so I was inspired to do it, with a twist.

The smile was that it’s a workshop that has such a special place inside of me, I developed it for a lover who was looking for something special to do on her birthday. Since then it’s always been one of my favourite things to share.

Yoni Healing Massage Pt 3

Within our bodies is the most incredible wisdom.
It’s so incredible, it’s Divine.
This body, within us, has all we need to heal, to learn, to grow, to release.
This body is sacred space, our temple.
Going deep into healing, into connecting, into intimacy is a journey to knowing that, seeing that, feeling that, living that.
It’s a subtle journey, and so often the subtle is the doorway to the divine.

The Mystical Dance of Pleasure

There is a mystical dance of movement and stillness.
It is the dance of the cosmos.
It is the dance of life.
It’s in our breath, it’s in our body.
It’s in the beat of our heart.
It’s in the oceans tide.
The stillness gives birth to the movement, the movement comes to rest in the stillness.