A Shift in Perspective on Oral Pleasure

A while ago a woman asked me a question, How do I give a better Blow-Job?
On the surface it’s a simple question, and as I see more and more, the simple questions have such depth.

We spoke a little about it, and she said that her first thought was about techniques. She thought she didn’t know enough, and if she learned more of the skills involved it would improve her performance.
Then we had a discussion about that, performance.
I asked why she thought of it as a performance, who was she performing for?
She said she wanted to giver her partner the most pleasure.
I said that maybe performance and pleasure weren’t the same thing, that performance was about creating pressure, it was about being judged, graded, given a bronze, silver or gold medal, whatever the criteria were.
So we spoke a little about pleasure.
And whose pleasure. Aah, that struck a chord somewhere.

Drop Into Your Body

Drop into your body.
Drop deep, into the base, into the pelvis.
On so many journeys, in so many teachings, it’s about moving up, moving away from our base.
And it just may be that moving the other way, moving down, brings us into ourselves. Into the core.
We can’t wait to get higher, and we can’t wait to move.
And in this we so often force the movement, we force the energy.
And we’re sitting, literally and metaphorically with a pelvis of deep tension, contraction, tightness congestion. Emotionally, physically, energetically.
We’ve created a disconnect from ourselves, a distance in our bodies.