G-Spot Holding for Pleasure

There’s something interesting about touch and pleasure touch, sexual touch.
We think that we need to move, and move all the time.
And for many of us the pattern of movement is hard and fast, harder, faster.
Our bodies have become conditioned to this style of stimulation, both men and women. So much so that when a different touch comes along, particularly a slower touch a gentler touch, we often don’t feel much.

The Meditation Of Touch

There is a touch that is slow, so slow.
There is a touch that is gentle, so gentle.
It comes from the heart, an energy that flows through your body into your hands so that your hands become your heart.

We Remember The Sacred

There are not many women who have been fully sexually satisfied.
Deeply fulfilled to the core of their being.
Touched, soul touched, heart touched.
Body replete.
Given herself totally, utterly.
Every level of her being open, exposed, safe, loved, respected, honoured, worshipped, elevated.

The impact of this is tension in the tissues of the yoni, often around and just inside the opening. This causes pain, particularly during penetration, whether it’s a finger or a cock.
The tension that sits in the tissues prevents sensation, so what should be alive, awake, receptive and open is numb, tender or painful.