What Do I want Sexually?

One of the main reasons I do what I do is that it allows me to express so many parts of myself in so many different ways.

It’s been a long journey to get to this place.
A long time ago I read a book called The Way To Love by Anthony DeMello. There was a piece in the book that impacted me deeply. It was about selfishness. We’ve been brought up with the idea that selfish is bad. We get something from everything we do, no matter how altruist or giving, no matter how manipulative we may be.

The Last Sexuality Workshop

On Monday night I taught the last face-to-face workshop for a while.
The workshops continue online.

Before I talk about, rather, write about the workshop, I would like to thank you for your comments, likes and shares of the pieces I write and share.
It touches me that they’re touching and helping you at the moment.

At this time we choose a place and a way where we are in the world, how we’d like to show up.

Erotic Gratitude

These are intense times, with intense energies at the moment.
In this are amazing possibilities of healing, growth, change, learning, expanding.
And one of the most powerful energies we can engage with at the moment is gratitude.

There is such power in this energy, it literally can be life-changing when we feel it and express it in all that we do.
And one of the ways we can do this is through our eroticism.