Meet Yourself in Pleasure

In pleasure we meet ourselves.
In deep, conscious pleasure we meet some of the deepest parts of who we are.

My teaching journey began teaching about pleasure, particularly women’s pleasure.
This included offering touch, massage and pleasure experiences. These were experiences of deep pleasure, service, intimacy, fun, learning, discovery, emotion, exploration, healing, growth, spirit, connection, release and more.
Over time this journey expanded into working and sharing as deeply with men.
And over time I’ve come to see, in so many ways, the power and possibility of pleasure.
In this I have learned, developed and created, and continue to do, so many pleasure experiences.

The Intimacy of Being

Intimacy is a state of being.
It’s who we are.
It’s within us.

Looking for intimacy, which is what so many of us are, especially now.
Looking for intimacy is looking for ourselves.
It’s a journey of connecting, re-connecting, rediscovering, a deep part of who we are.

Erotic Humility

This first came to me in the context of Yoni, and Lingam Massage.
As I sat with it, exploring it, I became aware of how it extends to all erotic and pleasure experiences.

Erotic Humility.

For me the Erotic is the body and the heart. They’re inseparable.
It’s the space where energy expresses itself in sensuality and pleasure.
Not only the sensuality connected to sensuality but the fullness of life, being in a body, in the world.
It’s the space of feeling, of sensation, intuition, inspiration.