A Soft Cock Conversation

So much of the power of a cock is in its hardness, in its heat.
In its ability to penetrate, to open, to spread.
So much of its power, and so much of its pleasure.
This power, consciously expressed, as an extension of the heart, holds the space for surrender.
As much as it’s about penetration and opening, it’s about being invited, welcomed.
There’s a dance in this, we move together, advancing and retreating, twirling, swirling in the energy.
This is one expression of the masculine.

My Nurtured Cock

There is a practice that I teach in workshops and on healing journeys.
It’s a practice of creating a conscious relationship with your genitals. The relationship most of us have with our genitals is, at best, at best, functional. Which means that we’re concerned that everything works.
I sat at best, because the relationship most of us have is one of disconnect and judgment.

If I Were To…

If I were to write something today about sex and energy I would write that sex changes when it becomes an energy experience more than a physical one.
That the physical, our bodies, our beautiful bodies, and our genitals, our delicious genitals, Yoni and Lingam, are portals to worlds of energy, to worlds of experience, to worlds of intimacy that, like the universe, are without limit.

My Massage Journey

My journey in healing began with massage and I have reconnected with this in such a beautiful and deep way.
Bodywork, touchwork, have always been a big part of what I do, from the understanding that our patterns are in the mind and in the body.
We are energy, our bodies are energy.

The State Of Orgasmic Potential

The body is a field of possibility.
By being more in the body we can access that field.

Orgasmic energy is a field of possibility.
Be being more in that field we can be more in an orgasmic state.

Pelvic Tension, Sexual Tension, Life Tension

We all carry an enormous amount of tension in our bodies and in different aspects of our being.
This tension is one of the greatest blocks to us experiencing deep levels of sensual and sexual pleasure.
The tension we hold has become second nature for so many of us. In fact, beyond that, it’s become our nature. It’s so deeply ingrained that we often don’t even know it’s there, and more than that, we have no idea how we’d be without it. It’s become our definition.

Yoni/Lingam Holding Healing

Before the movement there is holding.
Before the stroke there is stillness.
Before the caress there is quiet.
One of the most beautiful and powerful ‘strokes’ of massage is not moving at all.
It’s holding.
In stillness.
In presence, deep presence.