This Sensual Coffee of Presence

The afternoon winter sun, it’s delicious in Johannesburg.

Coffee and a few mouthfuls of something sweet. I have a weakness for pastry, and today it’s a mini almond croissant.

A digression, more coffee shops should have something small, a few mouthfuls to have with coffee, it’s something missing from awareness.

This is a sharing of sensual consciousness, sensual meditation, sensual awareness, how these few moments can bring us into such presence.

I can’t look at the sun directly, I look at its edges, and so often we get to see things by looking at the edges of them, slowly we can see more.

I close my eyes, bring my awareness to the skin of my face, feel the warmth there.


The Nurtured C***

For over 25 years on my journey into Conscious Sexuality I’ve been learning about men and male sexuality.
Firstly by going into my own Sexuality and sensuality, and then by spending so much time with men in a work space.

A great deal of this space has been helping men with sexual issues, love issues, intimacy issues.
I’ve worked with men who have lost their prostate through cancer, men who have lost relationships and marriages, men who struggle with sexual issues across the board.

One of the deepest things I’ve come to see, and how much this impacts on many men in so many ways, is how hard it is for us to receive.
What’s interesting is that I’ve worked with as many gay and bi men, as straight, who have the same issues.
It’s about men, all of us.