Men Receiving

At the Expanded Orgasm Workshop I taught this week there were some really interesting questions asked, and some deep understandings shared.

Before I share one of these, I’d like to share this.
One of the reasons that I teach is that it’s a space for me to learn. I learn through the questions that are asked, I learn through the understanding people each, I learn through what they share, the perspectives they bring and I learn through the talking.
The extension of this is that one of the reasons I do what I do, teaching, helping in the field of Conscious Sexuality, is that it allows me to express so much of myself in so many ways. I don’t know anything else that holds this space for me.

The Silent Suffering

For so many people sex is the place of silent suffering.
For so many men there is still such a stigma, such embarrassment, such shame about having a sexual problem.
For most men this is around erection problems, early ejaculation, loss of desire and libido, a lack of intimacy and even a lack of interest in sex.
Sexual performance, sexual prowess.
That’s what it’s become to be about for men.
And in truth what it’s come to be about is sexual pressure, emotional pressure.