This Sensual Moment of Oneness

On Saturday I was at The Oranjezicht Market in Cape Town.
There was a moment.
A moment of such deep sensuality that my heart swelled to having no edges that I could feel.
I was standing in one of the good areas.
Bob Dylan was coming over the sound system.
There was a carpet of voices.
There was the aroma of coffee.
There was the aroma of so many foods.
There were the colours of all the produce.
There were people, bodies.
There was the wind.
There was the sea.
I breathed it in and my heart expanded, expanded, expanded…
In a moment of sensuality. I was all those things, all those people, they were me.
Then the world came back, the boundaries of life settled back into place.

Coffee and an Offering

I’ve been thinking a lot, writing about love.
I’ve been deeper into love in myself.
And I’ve been thinking about making love.

There is often a question asked about the difference between having sex and making love.
During my yoga practice the other morning I was listening to my teacher’s voice about the Unlimited Posture.
So much about love came rushing in, particularly about the limitation we put on love.
Not only how little we allow ourselves to feel, which keeps us safe, because if you go too deep, well, everything is going to crack open.
But also the limitation on the context of love. Who we can share that with, how that needs to be.

Birthday Coffee and Love Unlimited

I’ve been aware of an expanding expression of love.
Seeds that were planted, some long ago, some more recently, coming into flower.
Deepening my Heart Breath practice, sitting more in my heart in healing, space, teaching space.

For so many of us love happens in a very specific context, in a very specific way. It happens between 2 people, and it happens with a whole lot of expectations, expressed or not, a whole lot of desires, hopes and wants, expressed or not.
Expressing love beyond this, other than to family, close friends, takes us into a deep story of patterning, conditioning, judgment and even fear.

The Heart Touch and a Rush Of Love

Over the past weeks some new practices have emerged in my work.
There’s been a mixing of massage and meditation, and a mouth massage, both of these have deepened healing and pleasure experiences enormously.
And then something else in the past week.
The only way I can describe it is a Rush of Love.

The Way of Gentleness

There are many ways to heal, to learn, to grow and to experience.
The path I’ve chosen is that of gentleness.
In gentleness we soften, we open.
We relax, we release.
We let go.
We can’t do that in tension, in contraction.
In gentleness we allow.
We connect to the wisdom within us, in our bodies, in our hearts.
We can hear, we can feel, the inner voice, the guidance.
We can move, literally and metaphorically, energetically, physically, emotionally, sexually, spiritually.

Holding Presence

One of the most intriguing aspects of this journey of teaching is the learning that keeps coming.
During a Water Flow Massage experience I had a beautiful opportunity to do this. I don’t often participate in the experience, and this week I allowed myself that gift. It brought an incredibly important element of the experience, and of touch and healing work to mind. There are so many elements of this work that from time to time we tend to forget some of them.
One of the simplest, and deepest, most powerful parts of touch is holding.
With presence.
And that’s the key.

Cold Coffee and the Facts

Last week I had coffee with my social media coach, Bronwynne. (By the way, she is fantastic, if you’re looking for help with social media, I’ll happily connect you.)
I showed her what I’d written as an introduction to the workshops, and I saw from the look on her face that it wasn’t…not not good, just flowery, poetic, round-about…
It made me think of a misquote by Dan Aykroyd from an old TV series, ‘Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts’.

Expanded Energy Orgasm

There is such power, such possibility in being relaxed, deeply relaxed, in pleasure.
The body opens, energy begins to flow.
From our sexual centre to the heart, and higher, spreading through the body.
A wave of sexual energy that releases so much that is blocked within us, within the tissues of our body.
A wave of sexual energy that fills us with gentle vitality.
A wave of sexual energy that fills us with gentle bliss.
A wave of sexual energy that melts us, expands us.