The Craziness of Healing

The healing journey is crazy!
It’s an inner journey, a deep journey that takes you to places within yourself that on time will question everything you know, everything you think, and everything you think you know.

Why Should I Go To A Sex Workshop

‘Why should I come to a sex workshop?’

Someone asked me this question yesterday, they’re thinking about coming to some of the workshops I’m teaching in Cape Town…

Sacred Yoni

She is sacred
Approach her with reverence
Look at her beauty with awe
Her folds, her petals
Fleshflower of the Goddess

Melting Pleasure

Melting Pleasure is going into a deep state of sexual experience. It allows your sexual energy to flow through your entire body, to connect you in a space of intimacy to yourself, to your beloved…

Sleeping Together

We have a lot of euphemisms for sex. The most popular one is ‘they slept together’. As I understand it, there’s a difference, a big difference between having sex and sleeping.

The Angry Heart

The angry heart cannot love, The angry heart cannot open…

Love Matters

I was watching a talk on YouTube recently and there was something in the talk that many of us have seen. It was an image of the universe…

Heart Arousal

When your arousal is from your heart everything changes…

Living Consciously

It’s f*****g difficult to get up every morning and live consciously…

Being Orgasmic

At some point ‘An Orgasm’, having ‘An Orgasm’, achieving ‘An Orgasm’ became The Thing. This was the benchmark by which sexual experiences were measured…