The Curiosity of Love and Pleasure

There’s something I teach which is so important when it comes to pleasure, to sexuality, to sensuality, to growth.
It’s also such an important element in relationships.
There’s a progression, a journey that starts with curiosity.
Curiosity becomes interest.
Interest becomes fascination.
Fascination becomes wonder.
Wonder is the space of awe, of reverence.
This is the place of mystery, of spirit.
This is where we experience the knowing, the magic.

Breast and Heart Massage

Breast and Heart Massage is the space where healing, relaxation, acknowledgement, sensuality, arousal, love and nurturing meet.
It’s often an experience of deep emotion, bringing so much to awareness.

For many women breasts are symbolic of nurturing and nourishing, and for many women that’s mostly been in giving.
There’s deep patterning and conditioning around this.
You give, you nourish others, you nurture others.
You do so much to make others happy.
You do for others, often at the expense of yourself.