SexTalk – Women’s Journeys

Women’s journeys of healing, growth, empowerment, expansion and exploration. What they’ve learnt about freedom, pleasure, relationships, life etc. A beautiful sharing of intimate stories.

SexTalk- Our Sexual Patterns & the Unspoken Conversations

How much of our sexuality comes from our parents? From family? These are the things we don’t talk about. Sonja Simak, a Constellation Facilitator, joins the team to talk about the patterns, where they come from, and how we change them.

SexTalk – Sex & Business

What can you learn from sex that will expand your business? Jonti, Tamar and their special guest, York have tips that will pleasantly surprise you and make you look at your work differently.

SexTalk – How do millennials view sex?

Jonti chats to Eric Jansen and Candice Coulsen about how millennials view sex. Is Millennial sex any different from how Gen X perceives it? Are young people more care-free and exploratory when it comes to intimacy.