The Feast of Your Body

I love food, I love to cook, and I love to eat.
There is such sensuality in food, and coffee, in every way, texture, taste, smell, the way things look.
I also enjoy watching food programmes. A few nights back I was watching an old season of MasterChef and a judge on one of the challenges said something that I don’t think he quite realised what he was saying.
‘Somehow we all taste delicious’.
Oh yes we do!

The Intimate Ritual of Oral Pleasure

It’s Wednesday afternoon I Johannesburg as I write this. I’m sitting outside in the winter sun, the wind is picking up, a cold front is on the way. I’ve just made coffee, which I’m sipping slowly, savoring.
I put my face up to the sun and savour its warmth on my skin, it’s a sensation, as if it’s caressing me, carried by the wind.
Savoring this moment in so many ways.
I’ve been doing some work with Maya Luna, and I’ve loved learning the practice of savoring.

I’m teaching a webinar tomorrow night on Oral Sex, and there’s something about that I’ve wanted to share for a while. Something I’ve started writing a few times that hasn’t been quite there.

The First Step

I get a lot of calls, message, emails, from people with sexual issues.
A lot happens before people make these contacts. A lot of internal twisting and turning.
It’s a difficult thing to do. It’s incredibly vulnerable, exposing and revealing.
I acknowledge you, every man, every woman, every couple, who does this. As open as we think we are, acknowledging a sexual or relationship problem is a hard thing to do.
I’ve been working in the field of Conscious Sexuality for over 20 years, and I’ve learned a few things from these situations.

Teaching Massage Online

For a long time I have resisted teaching massage online.

Firstly I held the belief that it has to be in the same space to get the subtlety and nuance. There’s a transmission of a feeling, of an energy, that happens in the workshop space. It’s about touch, and touch needs you to be there.

Then I had the belief that it was complicated. I needed a camera person to show close-up so you’d get the detail, and so much of what I teach, the way I teach it, the detail is important.
And a few other thoughts that just kept making this difficult and complicated.

A few things happened over the past weeks to change this.