I Found Something

I found something recently, and there might be something for you in what I’ve found.

I have always loved what I do.
When people talk about having a job I’ve never really thought of this as a job in the traditional sense.
I don’t think you can do this kind of work when you see it as a job.
I’ve always loved it.
It hasn’t always been easy, in fact there have been times of great hardship, in every way. Financially, emotionally, romantically, sexually, spiritually.
But I’ve always loved it, and can’t see myself doing much else.
Maybe a pancake bar on a beach, that’s always been a fantasy.

This Divine Body

From the ends of your toes to the tips of your fingers to the top of your head.
Your Divine Body.

There is a lifetime in your body, a lifetime of sensation, a lifetime of feelings, a lifetime of emotions.
Two, an egg, a sperm, came together to make one, you.
In this, your divine body.
There is no other like you, unique beauty in this skin.
Your skin holds you perfectly, surrounds you, gives you a home.

To make love with you, to make love to you, is to make love to all of you.
All of you, all of your divine body.

Yoni Massage and the Practice of Time

I was recently asked to teach a course on Yoni Massage for a group of practitioners.
This filled me with excitement for a few reasons.
The first is I love to teach, and I love to inspire others, and the more I’m able to inspire you, the more inspired I get, we all expand.
In this expansion, and in the teaching, in the creating of the course, in putting any workshop or retreat together, I learn. And when I learn I get more inspired to share. As I put a course together, even if it’s something I’ve been teaching for years, there are always new insights and understandings. Many of these come from the questions you ask, the discussions we have, and the practices, the practices, the practices. So much understanding emerges from the practices. This understanding allows the practice to expand.

One Manly Tear

I was watching an episode of Masterchef last week, the UK series. There was a man who had come pretty far in the competition and at one point, having got through to the next round, said that he had ‘Shed one manly tear at the emotion.’
One manly tear!
Fuck One Manly Tear!
Where are our hearts, where are our feelings, where are our voices, where are our tears?
Where are our sobs, gut wrenching, releasing all the pain we need to?

Mouth Massage

Our mouths are incredibly intimate, and they hold a key to some deep releasing, healing, intimacy, expansion and pleasure.

Over the past months I’ve been doing some work with the mouth and throat that has had a big impact on the journeys I share with you.

A while ago on a growth group I was facilitating I taught a practice of connecting with the mouth, creating an Intimacy with the mouth.

Deepening Into Love

For the past, it’s nearly two years now, I haven’t had a sexual partner, I haven’t had a lover, I haven’t had a relationship.
Not in the traditional sense.

This has been a time of going into myself, into my body, into my sensuality and sexuality.
It’s affirmed something I’ve known and taught for a long time.
Our love, our sexuality, our sensuality, our pleasure, is about us.