Taking Care


Every Water Flow Massage Experience has a theme, an energy. It comes to me during the day of the event. The people who are there, the energy they bring, the reasons they’re there, what they’re looking for, swirls together to create it.

On every workshop, everyone is there to be part of the web of the experience. They’re there for themselves, and they’re there for everyone else. This particular group of people come together for so many reasons.

Every workshop that everyone facilitates is the same.

We honour that by being willing to share ourselves, to the fullest extent we can.


What came to me last night was care, taking care. As I connected with that energy I realised how important it is with a lover, with life, and how linked it is to presence to consciousness.


The first level of this is self-care.

We’re not always very good with this. We look after our bodies to some extent. We take care of our health to a lesser or greater degree. Deeper than that, well, that becomes shaky ground. Part of it is that we’re not taught to love ourselves, and do the things, live in a way that loving ourselves means. Choosing the jobs, relationships, lives that express love for ourselves, choosing from the heart.


Then I thought of sensual care, sexual care.

Taking care of how you’re touching, where you’re touching, where your hands are on their body, the point of contact, the intention, the feeling, the sensation.

Taking a breath to settle in to the kiss, to really feel their lips, their mouth.

To be there, in your body, in your feelings, rather than in a wandering mind, or a pattern of touching, kissing, licking, sex…

The care is a conversation, a deep communication.

Your touch tells of your intention.

Every moment, every caress, every breath, every sigh expresses that.

The power of care is awareness of your heart.

In this, intimacy is present.

It’s a prayer, a meditation.

Touch, pleasure, love, become sacred.