What Feeds On Your Heart


What feeds on your heart?

What stops you from loving?

What separates you, isolates you, disconnects you? From yourself, another, others, life?


The healing journey, the growth journey is that of connection.

It takes you from Self-loathing to Self-love.

It’s all in your heart.

And all that feeds on the heart takes us away.


Do we choose to look through eyes of hurt, eyes of ego, eyes of judgment?

Can we heal the pain if we focus on the pain?

It’s simply energy.

And it’s our energy.

Turn it inward.

Bring in into you, everything.

Bring it into your heart.

Bring your fear, bring your judgement, bring your confusion into your heart.

There’s the connection, it’s yours.

Bring it into your heart.

Allow it to sit.

Be patient with yourself, be kind with yourself, be compassionate with yourself.

Forgive yourself. And forgive yourself again.

It’s simply energy.

You’re on a journey.

In your heart your eyes open more, you allow more light in.

And you choose.

The more you see, the greater the choice.

To live from your heart.

Reach out, in thought, in word, in touch, in deed.


Watch what life does.

Watch how life responds.

Be patient.

Be kind to yourself.

Relax. Breathe.

Your heart will open, your vision will clear, the illusions will drop.

Connection will open.

There will be more love.