A Beautiful Stranger



On your journey to sexual authenticity you will meet a stranger, beautiful, at times terrifying, exhilarating. , leaving you breathless in amazement.

This stranger will change you, change your life, change your world, slowly, gently, or with an explosion, and as the dust settles you’re in a new world, a brave new world of possibilities.

This stranger has many faces, many outfits, many expressions, many appetites. Some of them will need to their voice to be heard in the light of day, some in the quiet of the night. Some of them will build slowly, starting deep inside, a spark that’s lit that grows to a flame that becomes a volcanic eruption of heat and fire and desire, then settles once again. Until the next time. Some of them will take you on a journey of exploration, of learning, of endless discovery. Some of them will shatter you, the fragile shell of so-called normality you’ve built up over time will crack and break to reveal You. You’ll expand into realms of being, sensation, emotion. Again and again, you’ll discover that the you saw yourself to be is but a shadow of the you you’ll become.

This stranger will touch your body, inhabit you in a way that feels strange at first. Intensity is it’s expression. It will touch your mind, your heart and your spirit. It will free you from the mask of inhibition, of limitation, of expectation. It will free you to be, to become.

This stranger is Your Pleasure Being, You.

The you for so long you never acknowledged. You might have had glimpses of them long ago, and saw the power, felt the trembling inside as you knew what they would do to your carefully created armour of life. And you repressed it, suppressed it, hid it, ignored it. you didn’t know what to do with it, how to express it, where did it live in this narrow world of boxes and labels and judgements.

Now is its time, it cannot be denied any longer.

Come, join with the warriors, the explorers, the travelers on the path of pleasure. Let them share their secrets with you. Let them share their vitality, throbbing life-force, creativity, the expression of essence.

Come, it’s time…