ErosLife is a platform for sensual and sexual healing, learning, exploration and relationship coaching.


We offer:

  • Private sessions
  • Consultations
  • Workshops
  • Talks
  • Lessons
  • Retreats
  • DVD’s
  • On-line programs.

We work with singles and couples of all orientations.


The basic philosophy of ErosLife is how we can create possibilities in pleasure, in relationships, in health and all aspects of life. Our sexual energy is our life force. We can access and use this energy as a force for healing, growth, meditation, creativity and change. Our sexuality connects to all aspects of ourselves and our lives. As we remove our sexual blockages and allow more of that energy to flow, we allow all other energies to flow as we become more conscious, more connected and more alive.

Jonti Searll is the creator of  ErosLife. He has been working in the field of Conscious Sexuality for almost 20 years, creating healing processes, workshops and material that has helped many people create fulfilling experiences and relationships.


Jonti writes extensively and presents SexTalk every Fri on


His journey has been one of personal exploration and enquiry, learning in many healing and related fields.


Our sexuality is linked to all of who we are, our sexual energy is our life-force. Releasing the blockages we’ve created and freeing ourselves from the limitations of the past allows us to create lives, relationships and experiences of incredible beauty.


Our sexual energy is a force for not only personal transformation, but has the power to be used to change our world. This is Jonti’s mission.

Treat yourself and your lover with a gift of love