Sexual healing is life healing.

The healing journeys we offer at ErosLife help with a range of sexual, emotional and relationship issues. These include painful sex, inability to have orgasms, low libido, erection and early ejaculation, lack of interest in sex, emotional disconnect, loss of intimacy and connection, sexual boredom etc.


We also work with people who are looking to explore their sensuality and sexuality. These journeys help you have more pleasure, greater intimacy and connection and guide you to have more love, fun and excitement. This often extends into learning about sexual energy and the connection between sexuality and spirituality, how we can use sexual energy for healing, meditation, creativity and expanding ourselves and our relationships.


Because sexual energy is such a powerful force we can use it as a channel for healing and exploring many other aspects of our lives. By releasing blockages in these energies we can free ourselves from the patterns of the past and create pleasure experiences and relationships that are fulfilling.


The healing work of ErosLife includes Bodywork, Breathwork, Counselling and Energywork. We also teach you a range of exercises and processes for you to continue your healing on your own. We offer healing journeys for singles and couples of all orientations.

The healing journeys are personalized and created for you


Jonti has developed a unique process of healing that focusses on possibility rather than problem. This allows us to expand into our natural way of being, creative, loving, conscious, vital and open to possibility.


All healing is about connection, firstly with ourselves, the parts of ourselves we’ve disconnected from and the aspects of our lives we’ve shut down, then with another, others, and life itself. The journey of healing with ErosLife is a heart-centered process, connecting you with your life-force, your vitality and the flow which that enables.


The first session


At the first session we talk.

We’ll talk about the issues, the things you’d like to release and change. Then we explain the framework and the process of the healing journey and recommend a programme to you.