A Conscious Mouth



This idea arose from a place of deep pleasure, from a place of intimacy with my body, from a place of conscious connection and awareness with my body.

For so many of us the relationship we have with our bodies is, at best, functional.
I say at best as we’ve been conditioned not only out of our bodies and more into the mind, but also out of liking, accepting and loving our bodies.
So much of our world, so many education systems are about the mind, and the mind over the body.
So many healing modalities in the western world are about separating the mind and the body.
So much of our world judges the body, deeply. There is so much pressure to look a certain way, be a certain way. This leads to disconnect, to separation from our bodies, from our selves in so many ways.
This judgment creates insecurity, guilt, embarrassment and shame.
Because so much of my work is in the field of sexuality I get to see the impact of this on our genitals. How we’ve become so patterned to the way our genitals should look, smell, feel, taste.
I see the impact that this has on pleasure and intimacy, on love and desire.
I see how this connects to our hearts, how blockage and contraction in our hearts impacts on our sex, and the other way round.

A journey into consciousness, into conscious sensuality and sexuality is a journey into every aspect of who we are.
Because we know the mind well, which doesn’t mean it’s a happy place, a peaceful place, a place we have a relationship with, we simply know the mind through patterning and conditioning, more than we know our body.
Because we know the mind, this journey, which for most of us begins with healing, is a journey into the body. Not that we ignore the mind, it would be lacking to do that.
The journey into the body is a journey into sensation, and a journey into feeling. Our feelings are in the body, and so many of us feel more pain than pleasure, when we allow ourselves to feel.
Our patterning is that we’d rather think than feel.
We’re not taught to be with our feelings, we’re not taught how to allow them, savour them, know them, develop an intimacy with what we feel.
We often have a very limited sensual vocabulary, sensual here referring not only to sensation but feeling as well.

As we journey into the body we connect, consciously, with different parts of our body.
In the worlds of Conscious Sexuality and Neo-Tantra we connect deeply with our genitals and with our hearts, then we go further.
I teach so much, on every workshop, about The Heart Touch, how to allow the energy of your heart to be in your hands.
I teach how to do the same with your sex.
And then I thought about The Conscious Mouth.

The Conscious Mouth is an expression of your heart. It can be connected to your sex.
It brings so much of your awareness into your mouth that when you kiss someone, when you lick, when you suck, you are Making Love.
Your mouth is the portal for honoring, for worshipping.
Your awareness is so much in your mouth, in the skin beneath, in, around your mouth, that that’s all that exists in that moment.
When we do this something fascinating happens.
We feel more, so much more.
Our awareness moves inwards, deeply.
Our mouths, lips, tongues become so much more sensitive.
We feel more, we taste more.
And when this happens our partner feels so much more.
When you’ve experienced a conscious yoni, a conscious lingam, you know the energy of that.
The same can happen with your mouth.

My mouth has always been an intimate part of my body. Kissing someone, oral pleasure, was always something special, and now it deepens even more with this awareness.
There’s something in this that takes us into limitless possibilities of sensation, feeling, experience and energy.

I often talk about sensuality as being how we experience life and the world. When we open this relationship with our mouths we experience what we eat and what we drink in more conscious ways. We taste more, we’re more aware of the texture of what we eat. It expands the relationship we have with food.
And as everything within us is connected, this deepens the pleasure experience we have with our mouths.

It’s just, in every way, delicious.

Here is one of the practices I teach in connecting with and creating an intimacy with your mouth.

Take a few deep breaths.
Soften your body.
Allow a level of stillness, of quietness to be there within you.
Very slowly, very gently, touch your lips, with one fingertip.
Very slowly, very softly.
Feel the sensation of your finger on your lips, and the sensation of your lips on your finger.
Move your finger all around your mouth.
Then, slowly, slowly, open your mouth and let your finger begin to touch the inside of your lips, soft, softly.
Feel all around the inside of your lips.
Expand your touch, your exploration into your teeth, your gums, your cheeks, your tongue, your pallet…
Feel, the feelings, the sensations, everything that’s there.
Soften into your mouth.
When you’re done, however long that is for you, sit, feel, be in the awareness of what’s there.

I’d love for you to share with me what you experience with this practice, DM or email me, jonti@eroslife.co.za.