A Different Story


Inspired by my lover…

Opening is expansion

Softness is welcoming

Gentleness is tender

Intimacy is vulnerability

Breathing into the heart

Consciousness is presence

Energy is flow

So much of our narrative about sex is about contraction, tightness, hardness.

This is the realm of domination, conquering, achieving, performing.

It becomes the space of the weapons of bestowal and withholding, of conditioning, conditions and patterns.

The centre is the egotistical self.

There is a battle to overcome, to take, to struggle.

There are labels, definitions, limitations, judgements.

There is fear and separation.

There is disharmony within.

In softness is surrender.

This is the realm of opening, union, being.

It becomes the space of healing, of learning, of exploring.

The centre is Love, giving, receiving.

There is connection, understanding, the inner peace of knowing beyond words.

The boundaries of separation melt in this deep erotic space.

We move naturally to oneness, with each other, with life.

In this is Mystery that draws us ever deeper beyond what we knew, beyond mind into being. Elemental we become, of the stars, of the oceans, of the earth, of the sun, of the wind.

In harmony with ourselves.

There is stillness within, the place we can hear our hearts, the place we can hear another.

We generate, we create, we inspire.

And we love, oh how we love!