A Gift of Pleasure


Give your lover a gift of pleasure.

Create a space, simple or ornate, warmth, candles, music, fragrance, delicious mouthfuls to taste.

This is where you begin to craft your intention. You weave yourself into the web of pleasure you create. It becomes a vessel, a space for tenderness, for pleasure, for love.

Give your lover the greatest gift of all in the space, your presence.

This is the ultimate intimacy.

This is the safety she needs to reveal herself. This is the safety for her fire to burn.

This is the safety for her to choose which of herself she shares with you.

Your presence holds that space.

Greet her as you would a Goddess.

Tell her of her beauty, of your love for her.

Look into her eyes as she looks into yours, show her your heart.

As you reveal yourself, your vulnerability and your strength, so she opens herself to be seen.

Allow the pleasure to begin.

Kindle the fire slowly, allow the flames to build.

Give her the gift of time.

Give her your words, your hands, your mouth, your Lingam, your breath, your body.

Hold the space for her desire, her passion, quiet and peaceful or the roar of a tigress.

Stay with her, presence.

Stay with her until the end.

Stay with her until she returns to herself.

Hold her close.

Hold her next to your heart.


There are many ways to give your lover a gift of pleasure.

Tell her it’s a gift, it’s for her, for her pleasure.

She may want to choose the experience, she may ask for what she wants, and she may be happy for you to create it.

It’s vital to know that if you’re giving her a gift of pleasure you need to bring your desire, and at the same time know that she chooses what happens with it. If it isn’t about you, about your orgasm, about penetration, about her touching you, stick to that. That’s where you create safety for her. If you make that agreement and cross it, you break something deep. There is such beauty and power in creating this safety. And her knowing that you hold that space for her allows her to go deeper into her pleasure, to share more of herself with you.

It opens the space for you both to live in a world of greater possibilities