A Lesson in Sensual Touch



These are my hands.

For over 30 years they’ve been doing and teaching massage in many different ways.

For the past 20 years they’ve specialized in sensual massage, sexual massage, pleasure massage, sexual energy massage, Yoni Massage, Lingam massage, sexual healing massage.


When we are able to move around again one of the most important things we can do is be touched. It will help on so many levels, with our nervous systems, with feeling in our bodies again, with connection, with giving our physicality a definition and so much more.

To be connected, to ourselves, to others, to life.


Over time I’ve learned and seen how powerful a healing and growth experience learning to do massage is. The learning about ourselves, the way we’re able to connect with others, the understanding and acceptance of bodies, experiencing energy, the giving and receiving, all become a space of such incredible human possibility.

What we get from giving massage, the list is so long. Whether you’re in a relationship or not.


I’d like to share two things with you from the way I teach massage. This has changed so much over the years I’ve been doing this, continues to change, and at the moment fills me with wonder as to how it will be when it happens again. I know there have been some deep shifts in me, and to see what comes fascinates me.


Most massage learning and teaching is technique based, protocol based. You do this, in this way, step 1, step 2…

There are massage experiences I do and teach in that way, eg Taoist Energy Massage.

They work, they’re fantastic.

And there’s more.

Most of what I teach now is intuitive massage and touch, creative, flow.

It’s about connection.

With yourself first.

Then with your partner.

The massage is an expression of that connection.

It’s an expression of you.

It’s an expression of your heart, your presence.

It’s a dance, a meditation, a prayer.

Learning in this way is where so many of the gifts come.


Here’s how it begins.

Put your hands on your partner’s body, anywhere.

Close your eyes.


With each breath allow your body to relax, to soften.

With each breath allow your hands to soften, your fingers.


Don’t think about moving, don’t think about where you’re going to move, how you’re going to move.


Maybe even get a sense of your hands sinking a little into your partner’s body they’re so relaxed.

Your hands will start to move.

Stay in the breath.

As soon as you start thinking your mind will want to do what it knows, what it thinks you should do, or freeze up because it doesn’t know what to do.

Stay in the breath.

If your mind wants to direct you, stop, breathe, it’ll happen.

This can take some time, be patient.


The second thing is this.

Feel the contours of the body under your hands, the curves, the valleys, the mounds, the planes, the folds. Let your hands follow them, touch as much as you can with your hands.

Let the body guide you.

There is such wisdom, such clues on how and where to touch and move if you listen to what’s beneath your hands. There are channels of movement that follow the paths of the body.

The quieter you are inside, the softer you are, the more your hands will know exactly what to do.


When you touch in this way you’ll be amazed at how it feels for you, and amazed at how it feels for your partner.


These are two of the keys in this endless possibility of the world of touch.