A Lover’s Touch


This is a new workshop created for lovers to deepen and enhance the pleasure you can experience through touch.


Touch is a language, in this space we communicate on a level of sensation, of emotion. We feel, in the giving and in the receiving. It goes way beyond words, right to the core of us. It tells us things we know. It allows us to touch something so deep inside of us and in our lovers that transports us to a new place of connection, intimacy and pleasure.


This practical workshop for lovers will guide you in the experience and exploration of the limitless world of touch.


I’ve brought elements together from many places in my teachings, as well as some I’ve never taught before, to give you the ideas, tools and principles to journey deeply into sensation, pleasure, healing and intimacy.


You’ll learn:

– How to Create a Sacred Space

– The Heart Touch and Intention

– The Experience of Energy and Energy Extension

– Building the Sexual Fire

– Sexual and Sensual Communication

– Sensual Touch

– Sensation Play

– Sound and Breathe to Enhance Sensation

And some other exciting and wonderful possibilities …


The format of the day is that we begin with a discussion, then it becomes practical.  I’ll demonstrate the techniques we’ll be learning and you’ll share them with your partner, giving and receiving.


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