A Neck Nuzzle



A Neck Nuzzle


I would like to share something with you that is so delicious, so simple.

And like a lot of simple things in the world of sensuality there is such depth, such subtlety and such nuance in this.

It’s an art, an expression of the art of pleasure, the art of love, the art of seduction and the art of arousal.

It’s an expression of your heart, of your sexuality, of your energy.

It’s tender and fiery at the same time.

It’s melting and awakening at the same time.

It’s mmmm, and ohhhh and ahhh, and a breath…


It’s a Neck Nuzzle.

That skin, that delicate skin behind the ear, under the ear, on the neck, on the side of the neck, under the jaw, the back of the neck, the throat.

That skin is a place of magic.

It is so sensitive, for men and women.

It is so alive.

And it longs to be nuzzled, caressed.

Gently, slowly.

It longs to feel the anticipation.

The anticipation is in your energy, gathering your heart, your sex, into your breath, into your presence.

Into your eyes that look at your lover, at their neck, that delicious curve, with appreciation, with desire.

Into your body, as you come closer, the energy pulsating outwards from you so that they feel you long before the touch.

Into your breath, so that they sense the presence of you.

Slowly you come closer.

There’s an energy between you, almost a thickness in the air that draws you in.

There’s a tilting of the head, an opening of the neck.

There’s a touch, soft, soft.

There’s a breath of surrender as the whole body begins to open, to soften, to tingle.

There’s your breath, your lips on their skin.

There’s your nose, breathing their scent in.

There’s your cheek stroking.

There’s a dance of caress, of sensation.

There’s a disappearing into the feeling, into the touch, into the moment.

It’s your neck, your ear, the curves that are there.

It’s intimate, so intimate, so close.



There’s a world here, in your neck, a universe.

As there is in all of the body.

Endless discovery, limitless exploration.

Open your heart, soften your sex.

Feel your skin

This skin that longs for caress, to give, receive, share, dance in touch.

This skin that longs to be seduced by sensation.