A New Massage



It’s always been my intention, in the 30 years, I’ve been doing and teaching massage, touch and bodywork, to create beautiful experiences.


In this, the exploration has been endless, and I’ve often said that the world of touch without limits. I’ve seen this again and again as new understandings are reached, new perspectives realized, and new techniques and practices are developed.


As I go through my own healing and growth, as I have my own practices in yoga, in breath, in movement and other experiences, I am inspired to try new things. As I understand energy more I am inspired to try new things.

And as I delve deeper into sensuality and sexuality I am inspired to go to new places.


It is limitless, this journey, this exploration.

That alone makes it important for us to learn and practice this. One of the most powerful pieces of feedback that comes from the massage lessons and workshops is how much the doing the giving does for people. How much they learn about themselves, how much healing happens for them in the doing, how they become inspired, energized, connected, how it’s a space for them to express and feel intimacy, how creativity flows more and how many of these experiences be or a meditation.


One of the things that triggered my learning about massage and touch was a series of studies done on babies that didn’t receive affection and adults that didn’t get touched and hugged.

The impact on our nervous system is huge, on our intellectual and social development, as well as on so many aspects of health.


We live in an increasingly alienating society for many people due to technology. So many people have relationships with very little real intimacy.

The traditional models of sex and relationship are fast becoming outmoded and not giving us what we need.

Touch is such a vital factor in so many of these issues.


A big part of my journey has always been how do we bring and express erotic energy in massage, how do we include it as past of an experience.

There is such healing power in our sexual energy, and to include it in a massage can deepen the experience. It’s not always about orgasm, even if it includes some yoni or lingam movements, they’re just parts of our body.

More than that, it’s about inclusion.

We draw more attention by omission, by what we leave out.


And beyond that, massage is one of the most beautiful ways to experience high erotic states and our sexual energy.


Which brings me back to my intention to create amazing experiences.

And now we go to a deeper level of sensation, healing, release, relaxation, arousal, energy and connection.

I’ve brought elements together from many different massage and touch experiences. These include deep therapeutic massage, energy healing, sensual and erotic massage, Taoist Massage, NeoTantric Massage into a new experience.

It’s a space where healing, relaxation, energy and arousal all come together in one experience.

The erotic and sensual energy is used in a way that includes it in the massage rather than that being the goal of the massage.

Everything is slow, very slow, which takes you deep into relaxation. This allows you to release

When we’re relaxed we feel more, sensation is heightened.

Energy flows in this state, all over the body.

There’s an opening that allows you to receive more.

It’s just…beautiful.


And I am so excited to share it with you.


Please email me for info, bookings and lessons, jonti@eroslife.co.za, Cell +27 8374 35129.