A Night of Presence



Imagine a night of presence.

There is silence.

And in the silence every breath is heard. Every movement of your body is heard. The sound of every stroke on skin is heard. The sound of every kiss is heard. Every sound we make is magnified in the quiet. We hear our hearts beat.

In this night of presence we see, everything.

Our eyes are open.

We look into each other, we see.

We see when we’re there. We see when we’re not. We see when there’s fear, we see when we’re unsure, we see when there’s love. We see the masks that drop for us to see. We see hearts that open.

When we kiss, we see, we look.

We hear.

We feel.

Strange, we want to close our eyes, go somewhere else.

We stay, with each other.

Tears, smiles, nervous, we stay with each other.

We hear our deepening breaths.

We hear skin sliding.

We hear wet, we hear hard.

We see, love, desire.

We reveal, oh, do we reveal. Layers fall away, armour drops. Shy at first, so exposed. For our whole lives we’ve loved with closed eyes. We look for a moment.

And now we see.

When I enter you we see.

When you open we see.

We see everything.

We see the gentle, we see the fire, we see the beast awaken, we see the god of pleasure.

In our seeing we are see.

Witness to each other, to our love, to our pleasure.

The energy builds, and we stay present.

The waves of orgasm expand us, and with our eyes, in our eyes, we become each other.

And we stay present, we stay with each other.

We see what intimacy is.

We see what intensity is.

We see the secret self as it is known, greeted, celebrated.

We see if we love with joy.

We see if we pleasure with abandon.

And in time, in presence, we see that there are no limits to what we may share, what we may show, what we may see, what we may hear, what we may feel.