A Question of Experience




A Question of Experience


As a healer and facilitator I’m always looking to grow and expand, in my personal life and in my work. The learning in one aspect impacts on the other, it becomes a spiral of expansion and possibilities. It’s a beautiful journey that constantly takes me to new places within, and outside in the world.


Part of this is reading, listening and watching content from so many sources, and seeing how we can use these ideas in Conscious Sexuality. It’s also an important aspect of this work, how our sexuality is connected to every part of our lives, and how everything else is connected to our sexuality. When we heal our sexuality we open to healing in so many other areas of life. In fact almost every person who does a healing journey at some stage says that they’re amazed at how it has everything to do with sex, and nothing to do with sex.


This was inspired by listening to some talks by Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley Academy, thank you.


This idea is part of a chain of new thoughts, new perspectives.

It’s based on questions rather than answers. I will share more of this in the weeks to come, how it helps us heal and grow and how the answers become a trap.


The question I’d like to share with you today, in terms of pleasure, in terms of sex, sensuality and relationship, is what would you like to experience? What would you like to feel?

Is it intimacy and connection? Is it peace and contentment? What would you physically like to feel, intensity, release, gentleness?


These questions bring your experience into consciousness. It takes you out of the pattern, out of expectation, out of the conditioned response. It puts you in a space where you choose and create experiences that will allow you to have the experiences that will bring you fulfillment.

You have to communicate.

You have to learn.

You have to share your thoughts, your feelings, what did you experience, what did it bring up, what did it heal, reveal, where did it take us, me, you, what did we learn, what doors did it open, what possibilities did it create?


It opens the door to exploration.

When we think about what we’d like to experience we start to look at how to make that happen, the incredibly wide, in fact limitless, choices we have. It takes us into so many different parts of ourselves, and of each other. It takes is into our bodies, our minds and hearts. Into sexual experiences we may never have considered. Into being creative. Into emotions. Into our minds.

And into our hearts, deeply.


Then sexuality becomes Conscious.

We make choices.

Pleasure, our bodies, our hearts, our energy, are portals to greater energies.

Into love.