A Ritual of Offering




There is such power in ritual in a relationship.

It’s an experience of consciousness, of presence.

In this space we come together with an intention.

We come into intimacy, we come into our hearts, we come into our bodies.

In ritual, whatever it may be, we come into a space that’s separate from everything else we do.

In this awareness we’re allowing ourselves to share in an act and time of devotion.

In our love, in our desire, in our sharing we create an energy, a frequency rich with the gifts of possibility.

In the preparation for a ritual we begin to step into a different world.

We go within ourselves to connect deeper with another.

We open our hearts.

We open our bodies.

We open our energy.

We reveal ourselves, our sacred selves.

We look deep, deeper into each other.

We see with eyes beyond our eyes.

We breathe with breath that goes beyond our body.


A sharing that allows us to explore, express so many aspects of ourselves from the God and Goddess to the exquisite savagery of tearing all pretence away to reveal the depth of desire.

There are so many rituals in the world of sensuality, sexuality, intimacy and sacredness from many traditions.

And there are rituals that we create.

This is a ritual of offering.

It’s an incredibly beautiful experience to offer any of yourself to your lover.

It’s vulnerable and powerful.

It’s giving and receiving in a way that we become one with the flow of energy between us.

Create a space.

Warmth is vital.

The physical elements are whatever is important, candles, incense, flowers, crystals, food, music…

As you create the space bring your attention inward.

Greet your lover.

Look into each other’s eyes.

Breathe into your heart, breathe out your heart.

Put your hand on their heart as they do the same for you.

Feel your hand sinking into them as you open to theirs.


Offer something of yourself to your lover.

It could be a hand to hold, it could be your mouth to kiss, it could be your chest to lean against, it could be your breast to suck, it could be the union of your sex, it could be a gift of pleasure, it could be a massage, it could be a dance, it could be your breath, it could be anything.

It’s an offering, a conscious offering.

I open myself to you.

I open myself to receive you.

There’s worship in this moment.

There’s gratitude for what we offer.

There’s an intimacy that deepens the space between us, expands us, heals us.

It may be that you reciprocate in the ritual and it may be that each experience is for one of you.

It may be that you use the ritual to explore the parts of you that you don’t touch, that you don’t share.

It may be that you use the ritual to be so gentle with each other.

And it may be that you use the ritual to explore the fire within you.

Offer yourself to your lover.