This is the ritual

In a sacred space we come together

Open bodies

Open hearts

Having prepared ourselves, we connect

Lover to lover

Then the group here gathered

To experience sacred pleasure

To pray at the altar of pleasure

To worship through the opening

Of vital power

That runs in our bodies

Opening the portal of ecstacy

That transcends us into higher realms

In the centre of the circle

The altar we create 

Objects of beauty and meaning

A temple that delights our senses

Together we begin to breathe

Deep into the body

Together we begin to dance

Together we begin to connect 

Together we begin to touch 

Together we begin to feel

Together we begin to open 

Together we begin to soften

Together we begin to expand

This sensual space becomes the centre

Becomes the place from which life flows

The fire builds in our bodies

Dances in our bodies

Energy flows in our bodies

Sensation deepens in our bodies

Hearts open

We expand into space 

Every Shakti 

Comes to her knees

Facing the centre 

Eyes connected

Every Shiva

Kneeling behind 

Eyes connected

Energy moving to the centre

Energy flowing from the centre 

Energy flowing between us

Around us

We enter the sacred Yoni

As she welcomes the sacred Lingam

Enter her body 

Enter hear heart

As she receives

Draws us in

Energy flowing to the centre 

From the centre

Energy flowing around the circle

Energy building 

Our sounds a sacred choir

Liquid pleasure melting us

As we come to stillness 


Energy, sensation, filling us

Expanding us


We move 

To offer our bodies

Our Lingams

As thrones for the Goddess 

The circle changes as Shakti mounts 

Eyes connected

Surrounded by her sacred flower

We open her body

Open her heart 

As she draws us deeper

The fire builds 

Our breath

Our hips 

Our bodies 

Our eyes 

Ecstasy flows within us

Into the centre 


Between us

Around us


The connection, the circle

A prayer of pleasure





The temple open to the Yoniverse

The Lingaverse 

Sacred sensation

The flames rising through our bodies

Consuming us

Consuming us

Exploding us 



Sparks flying around the temple

Through space

A star shower of bliss

We are nothing

We are everything 

Dissolved into pulsation 

The pulsation of Life

The pulsation of Love



We return to our bodies

Soften into being held

Soften into celestial silence

In this ritual of sacred sexuality. 

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