A Self-Pleasuring Energy Experience



This is a self-pleasuring experience that will allow you to experience your sexual energy.

When we can build that energy, that beautiful, powerful, vital sexual energy, when we can build it and then keep it inside of us, there is an intelligence within that will use that energy. It may takes us to a meditative state, deep and peaceful. It may fill us with zingy aliveness.

It may take us on a journey of introspection and self-enquiry.

It may be that we become filled with creative ideas and energy.

It may be directed to a part of us that needs healing.

It may connect us with a feeling of intimacy and love for ourselves, for life.

It’s a space of possibility if we but allow it.


Create a ritual space, a sacred space, a sensual space.

This can be anywhere.

Be warm, without that you can’t relax and become present in your body.

You may want candles, music, incense, crystals, shells, objects that are important to you.

Include a lubricant in your preparation.

Pillows, towels, blankets, whatever else you think you may need.


Begin with The Heart Breath.

Place one hand, both hands, on your Heart Centre.


A slow deep breath in, a slow deep breath out.

As you inhale, imagine that your breath is going in to your Heart Centre, and as you exhale your breath is going out of your Heart Centre.

Keep this breath, slow and deep for at least 5 minutes.


Then put one hand on your Yoni or Lingam and keep the other on your Heart Centre.


As you breathe in you may sense the energy going to your Sexual Centre, as you breathe out it moves to your Heart.

It may be the other way round.

You’re connecting these two centre’s, allowing the energy to flow between them.

Keep this breath, slow and deep for at least 5 minutes.


With some lubricant begin to touch your Yoni or Lingam.

Slowly, gently.

Keep your breath slow and deep.

Touch slowly, touch gently.

Keep your body relaxed.

Energy moves in relaxation.

Keep your focus on your heart, with your breath.

If your mind wanders, as it does, come back to your breath.

The breath allows you to stay present in your body, in your feelings, in the sensation, in the energy.


A possible movement for a man is a few stakes up your Lingam, hand over hand, then a few strikes, down, hand over hand.



A possible movement for a woman is stroking between your inner and outer lips on one side, a stroke down the middle of your Yoni, and between the lips on the other side.



Keep your touch slow and gentle.

Don’t go harder, don’t go faster.

Stay in the moment, in the softness, the slowness of yourself.

Stay in the sensation.

Breathe, slow and deep.

Keep your focus on your Heart.


Keep this touch, this breathe for about 10 minutes.

Then lie still.

And breathe.

Allow the energy to move in your body as it will, to take you where it will.


This is a gift you give to yourself.

A gift of sensuality, a gift of sensation, a gift of connection, a gift of sexual energy, a gift of presence.

It’s acknowledging yourself.

It’s honoring yourself.

It’s making love with yourself.