A Sensual and Erotic Life



At my workshop last week, Awakening the Erotic Spirit, there was a beautiful discussion about the word ‘Erotic’.


For so many of us we’ve come to connect it with something sexual. In fact it’s almost become synonymous with things sexual.

That’s one meaning of the word, and there’s more, much more.


Erotic is our life force, our vitality.

It’s our heart energy.

To be erotic is to be vitally alive in every way. To be erotic is to be connected to life. There’s excitement, so it really links us to all that makes us feel alive.

It’s also our sensuality.

And again, we’ve taken the word ‘Sensuality’ and connected it to something sexual.

It is, and it’s more.

Sensuality is how we experience our world, through our senses, sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, feel, sensation…

And there’s more, our deeper senses, inspiration, creativity, intuition.


When we are erotic and sensual, we are engaged with life.

We’re curious, we’re questioning, we’re exploring, we’re learning.

It makes us more aware, more conscious, and the more conscious we become, the more present we are, the more erotic and sensual we become.

There’s an expanding relationship from inside of us, with us, with the world.


It has nothing to do with sex, and everything to do with sex.


The nothing is that we appreciate life more. We become more aware of taste, of food, of smell, of sound, music, arts, our bodies, colours, movement…


The everything is that all of that, and more consciousness makes us more present, and that makes us better lovers. We’re more willing to explore, to learn, to communicate, to be open, and vulnerable.


Vulnerability is a vital element of sensuality, eroticism and of sex.

It’s heart space.

In that space we feel, sensation and emotion. Intuition and creativity are heightened. These can only be present if we’re willing to be vulnerable.

Our connection to these deeper parts of ourselves flows more, and expresses itself in all aspects of our lives, health, work, relationships… We become more intimate with ourselves, our lovers, others, life.


It’s in moments.

A moment to look at the morning light.

A moment to taste the first sip of coffee with awareness and appreciation.

A moment with food in the day, whatever we eat.

A moment of walking past someone with a smell that touches something inside of us.

A conversation that’s from the heart.

A way of looking at anything in our lives from a different perspective, seeing something we’ve never seen before.

And the more moments there are the more there are.

It becomes a practice, a way of being.

And we become expressions of the erotic, the sensual in our lives.

We become beings of the heart.

We become life erotic.