Alive Yoni, Alive Lingam


I have observed something beautiful in my lover and in myself.

Her Yoni is alive.

As she’s come more into herself, as she’s claimed more of her power, as she’s released more of her limitations, as she’s allowed herself to love more, give more, receive more, as she’s acknowledged the woman of pleasure she is, her Yoni has come alive.

That’s the only way to say it.

We’ve always had incredible delicious sex.

And now we’ve come to a place that’s so different, so new.


As I’ve come more into myself, as I’ve claimed more of my power, as I’ve released more of my limitations, as I’ve allowed myself to love more, give more, receive more, as I’ve acknowledged myself as a man of pleasure my Lingam has come alive.


When we are making love, when I’m inside her, there is a communication between our bodies, there is a depth of sensation, an experience of energy, a union of beings that comes from this aliveness. Her Yoni talks to me, my Lingam talks to her. There is a sensitivity and knowing of how to move, where to move, rhythms of the dance of love that take us beyond what we’ve ever experienced. There are parts of her that sing with pleasure as my Lingam strokes them. There is an opening that’s endless, space after space, and I fill them all as I expand. The head of my Lingam drinks her nectar in, I feel it within me.

There’s a vitality that’s greater than us, greater than each other, that makes us pulsate with life.


More and more our hearts become the entry point. And that’s where everything changes.