All Life


All life, every moment, every breath, every touch is an exchange of energy.

I open to the world, the world opens to me.

I open to life, life opens to me.

All of the world, all of life.

It’s all part of me, and I am part of it.

It all exists within me, and I exist within all of it.

The journey to wholeness is the connection to life, to the very substance of being. It’s beyond judgement, it’s beyond good and evil, it’s beyond right and wrong.

It’s simply being, experiencing, feeling, living.

It’s clarity of life in the moment, acknowledging that life lives through me and I live through it.

Learning, growing, expanding, if I choose.

For life, Conscious Life, Connected Life, is a choice.

And the healing journey to life is one of connection. It’s acknowledging the fullness of myself, light, dark, shadow.

Man, God, Beast, Creator, Destroyer.

In any moment I am any one of those, and more than one.

I feel it all, it flows through me, I flow through it.

There is a rhythm to life.

To feel it is to live it.

Perception expands as I see the more I am, the more you are, the more life is.

Consciousness expands into the choice of what to exchange with life. It’s about energy, vibration, frequency. Experience is the key.

And so to pleasure.

Beyond judgement, in every moment is pleasure, feeling, experiencing, being. There is neither good nor bad, there is life.

And so to love.

To exchange love with life in every moment is to be in the fullness of being human.

For I choose to see love, and love chooses to see me.

As I open more, life opens more.

I learn from life, life learns from me.

So let us teach each other to feel, all of that which we feel.

Let us teach each other to be explorers, adventures, manifestations of possibility.

For life is in me, I am in life.