An Embrace



There is one thing we all need at the moment.


All of us, wherever we are on the rainbow of life, in every way there can be.



One of the effects of the pandemic, and its own pandemic, is the disconnect, the isolation, the separation we’re experiencing.

The impact of this, on our bodies, our hearts, our minds, our energy, goes deep. It contracts us, contracts every aspect of our health and well-being, on every level of being human.


More than ever we need to be embraced.

To be held.

To be in someone’s arms with presence, with tenderness, with softness, with strength.

To feel a body next to ours.

To be embraced, and to embrace.

More than a hug.

An embrace.

An enfolding.

Heart to heart.

To feel the warmth, the welcoming.


It’s so simple, and yet so powerful, and so needed.


There’s something more.

I was looking up the meaning of embrace, to see what else there was, and something made me nod, say yes. YES!

Embrace is to willingly and enthusiastically accept someone.

That takes an embrace to a whole other level.

To be held, to be seen, to be acknowledged, to be accepted.

This is to be seen with a body, with a heart, with eyes, with a soul.



There’s consciousness in this, there’s presence, there is sensuality, there is an eternal moment in my breath and yours. There is intimacy.

There is allowing.

There is healing.


It takes me back a few months, before Covid.

I was facilitating a growth group, and as part of one evening we shared a Conscious Embrace. (I’ll share how to at the end of this piece).

At the end of this, everyone embracing everyone else, and everyone with clothes on, just in case you were wondering, so many people were in tears at the power of the experience, the intimacy and love they felt.

It’s not the first time I’ve done that kind of process. And the power of it every time is amazing.



To open ourselves to ourselves, to another.

To give another the space to open themselves.

A sharing of connection, and touch.


I’ve been seeing people for a while now in my studio, and I ask if they’d like to hug.

So many people cling to the moment, it’s something they haven’t felt for so long.

I meet people I know when I’m out, if it’s OK, we embrace, and it feels so much deeper than before.

We need this.

Our body chemistry needs it.

Our muscles need it.

Our nervous system needs it.

It’s medicine.

And it’s love.

It’s one of the most human things we do.


A Conscious Embrace


Stand opposite each other.

Look into each other’s eyes, and if that’s all you can see, just the eyes, look deeply.



Come closer.


Let your arms enfold each other, wrap around each other.


Let your bodies melt into each other.

Heart to heart.




Allow whatever’s there to be there.


When you let go, slowly.


If you’re not ready to touch, to be touched, share an energy embrace.

Stand opposite each other.

Look into each other’s eyes, and if that’s all you can see, just the eyes, look deeply.



Open your arms, open your heart.

Feel yourself, sense yourself expanding outward to hold the person opposite you, as they hold you.

Heart to heart.






Through the field of energy, all of us aspects of each other, all of us expressions of Life, for a moment, a timeless moment, I open my arms, I open my heart.



To be held, to be accepted.

In a moment of limitless possibility.