An Erotic Possibility



I’d like to share an erotic possibility with you, with thanks to my lover.

I use the word possibility because it’s not a technique, that would reduce it to mechanics.

Maybe experience would be a better word, but I still prefer possibility because of where it can take you.

Like many possibilities of great power it’s also simple. And like all deeply simple things there is such nuance, such subtlety to explore here.

What gives it power is it’s from your heart.

It’s an expression of deep intimacy and connection, with yourself and your lover.

It can take you to place within yourself, and with your lover that is sublime, that has flavours, tastes, colours that reveal themselves on ways of such beauty.



Talk softly, so softly.

Bring your mouth close to your lover’s ear.

Tell them, tell them of their beauty, tell them how they arouse you, excite you, tell them the things you’d like to do with them, to them, the things you’d like them to do with you, tell them your fantasies, tell them your desires, tell them about the curve of their neck and their moan in your lovemaking, tell them how watching them sip their foamy coffee delights, tell them softly and slowly.

Each word has such power, such range.

And breathe.

Oh yes, breathe.

Don’t talk, don’t say a word.


From your heart.

A sigh, a sibilant breath.

Close your eyes, breathe.

It’s just so…delicious.

A world of possibilities…