An Introduction





An Introduction


It’s time for a re-introduction.


The past month has been a time of integration of a lot of learning, experiencing, exploring, contemplating.

Going within, and from there being able to share more with you.


I’m a Conscious Sexuality Practitioner, with some Tantra, based in South Africa.

I work online and in person, with men and women, singles and couples of all orientations.

I help with sexual and relationship issues.

I teach a range of lessons, webinars, retreats and workshops, I’ve produced an audio book and a range of DVD’s, and an online course, e-books, meditations, guided sensual experiences, more info below, and I write a lot.

I’ve been doing this work for over 20 years.

I work in a framework of patterns, expansion and possibilities. This is a Heart, Body and Energy practice working with all aspects of who we are, understanding that our sexuality is connected to every aspect of who we are, and that so many of our issues and patterns are expressed in our sexuality.

Conscious Sexuality is about being present and allowing whatever arises to be there.

It’s a path of spiritual sexuality.

It’s a way of exploring and experiencing so much of who we are, a path of personal enquiry and growth.

It’s understanding that sex, love and relationship happens in the context of our lives, not in a vacuum. Conscious Sexual Healing and growth is connecting with ourselves in intimacy, with life in so many ways.

On this path, and it’s your path, there’s no one way for every one, no formula that works for everyone, rather principles and possibilities.

I’ve been doing this work for over 20 years and come to see the power of going deep, of spending time to do that, the power of a relationship that we build that allows that to happen, it takes time.

In a world of quick-fix and instant gratification, which mostly does not work, we jump from one modality to another, one workshop to another one plant to another.

I know, and I’ve done this in the past, we’re looking for the magic wand, the fairy dust we sprinkle, say an abracadabra and it’s all different.

I tell people that we’re the magic wand, our bodies, our hearts, our minds, our energy. We have what we need, the journey is connecting with it, learning how to use it, express it and experience it.

The workshops I offer cover a range of topics including Water Flow Massage, Expanded Energy Orgasm, The Art of Sex, Awakening the Erotic Spirit, Conscious Sensual Massage, Eros Connection for Couples and many more.

The retreats are all different and one includes swimming with wild dolphin, which I hope we’ll be able to do later this year as the world opens up.

I send out a weekly newsletter with articles and events, you can subscribe to that through my website,

The one-on-one work, online, wherever you are, and in person, begins with a conversation. We talk about where you are, what you’d like to do, I explain the framework I work in and then recommend something to you. I work in a programme of sessions, a journey that allows the healing, the release, the learning, the growth to take place.

I’ve created a course, Sensual Healing Through Connection, which shares the principles of my work, and some of the first practices. It’s online, it’s free, here’s the link:



I look forward to sharing with you!