As In Sex, So In Life



For many of us sex is something very separate from the rest of our lives.

Our sexuality is in a box that we take out in very specific circumstances, in very specific contexts, use it, and put it away again.

It’s not connected to the rest of our bodies, it’s not connected to our hearts, and it’s not connected to our lives.

It’s sex.

For many of us it’s about a goal, an achievement, something we do, something we perform.

It’s often more about function than pleasure.

Yes there’s pleasure. When our nerves are stimulated in that way it’s pleasurable, it feels good.

And when it’s done, which is mostly about the orgasm, hopefully for everyone involved, it’s done.


When our sexuality is more connected to our lives it’s more about energy, it’s more about intimacy, it’s more about vitality, it’s more about expressing ourselves in many ways.

The intimacy is not only with another, it’s a deeper intimacy with ourselves and with life. In this intimacy there’s an acknowledgement, an awareness of how much our sexuality is an integral part of who we are, that is woven into every breath we take.

Every movement we make is part of this dance, and it’s a dance of awareness of our bodies. This dance begins deep in our bodies, in our pelvis, in our perineum. It comes from the earth, it moves to the sky. As it moves through us it awakens us.

Every step we take on the earth is an expression of this sexual connection to life.

Everything we look at, taste, touch, hear, feel, sense is infused with this intimacy of sensation.

It’s our sexuality in technicolor, 5th dimension.


We expand into how many expressions of our sexuality there are, how many aspects of ourselves we express, can express, experience, explore and allow into the light.

And how many aspects of ourselves we can express in other aspects of life.

There’s vitality here, creativity, juice, curiosity.

And there’s passion here.

The passion of our bodies, the passion of our delicious genitals, the passion of our hearts, passion for life.

There’s passion to feel, everything, everything.

All of us welcome.

In our sexuality.

In our lives.


As in sex, so in life.