Benefits of Sensual and Erotic Massage


Women’s day, Women’s Month, Women’s Pleasure

Last week we spoke about The Paradox of Pleasure, how we’ve created a paradoxical and hypocritical state of obsession with female sexuality and then block its expression.

Well there is a space that allows this, fosters it and creates the possibility of exploration, growth and pleasure. The World of Conscious Sensual and Erotic Massage.

For so long this has been a ‘fringe space’ for woman, and yet a part of the lives of so many men. From time to time something comes up acknowledging our bizarre attempts to create a space for pleasure for women such as the movie Hysteria.

Let’s take a moment to look at The Benefits of Sensual and Yoni Massage for women.

One of the most important is the space to receive pleasure with no expectation of reciprocation. For many women this is big, as there is often deep conditioning that if I do something pleasurable for you, you have to give something back. Simply being able to receive allows you to let go fully into the experience.

Linked to this is that there’s no expectation of performance. So many sexual experiences become pressure spaces because of the performance factor, usually orgasm. This space allows you to be, to follow the energy in your body without there having to be a particular ending. We’ve put the criterion for successful sex to be about orgasm rather than about pleasure. The focus of this massage is pleasure.

Then it allows you to experience different states of pleasure. Our sexual energy and our pleasure has so many different manifestations and possibilities. There’s deep gentle pleasure that often takes us to a space of sexual meditation. There’s healing and release. There’s opening the body, opening the energy channels. There’s the energy of Expanded Orgasmic waves moving through your body for hours. There’s the fire space of explosive orgasm. There’s the salvo of multiple orgasms. There’s the surprise of ejaculation and more.

It allows women who are not in a relationship, or in a sexually unfulfilling, or even sexless relationship, to express their sexual energy. To keep the energy flowing in their lives rather than shut it down.

One of the most important and vital expressions of our sexual energy is that it’s also our creative energy, and our life force. The creative energy manifests in 3 ways in our lives. The first is we can create life, we can have children. Whether we choose to or not, we can do that. The second is artistic creativity, however we express that, drawing, pottery, cooking etc. the third is creating ourselves, our lives, our world the way we would like them to be. The more our sexual energy flows, the more energy we have for all these expressions of ourselves.

Then there’s the amazing stress releasing power of sexuality. The levels of relaxation we can experience are deep, the more we allow ourselves to go into our sexual energy, the more we allow it to fill our bodies, the more we’re filled with the peace of relaxation and all its gifts.

One of the most beautiful gifts that our sexuality gives us when we’re conscious in its expression is presence. It brings us into ourselves. It helps get us out of our minds and into our bodies. This is something we seek so much in our world of immediacy, of digital bombardment, of constant input and demands.

The extension of presence and awareness is connection, and even for a few moments in the massage space, intimacy. So many of us are scattered from our families and friends. So many of us work behind screens and in spaces that have less and less contact and connection with others. The massage space gives us the loving touch that helps us feel whole, human and loved.

The health benefits of experiences such as Taoist Sexual Energy Massage, which balance every meridian and energy system in your body every time you have the massage become apparent and can make a huge difference to our lives.

Beyond these, and there are so many benefits to be enjoyed from Conscious Sensual Massage , is healing. Many of the healing possibilities require their own article or book of explanation.

The more we allow ourselves the joy of Conscious Sensual Massage the more we’ll see the benefits and gifts in every aspect of our lives. Our sexual energy has such power, and is connected to every aspect of our being.