Better Sex, Heart Sex



A while ago someone who comes to a lot of my workshops said something that struck a chord within me.

He said that there things he’d heard me say a lot, and only now were some of them sinking in, resonating, becoming real, finding a context, being understood beyond an intellectual understanding and seeing how to actually use them in life.

I’ve seen this in my own life, I hear something, read something, and at some point it clicks. That’s actually a great description, it clicks into place. Things around it need to align, to come into their place before we can make sense of something else.

There’s a point to that, which I’m getting to.  That’s the first thread.

The second is this.

A lot of people come and see me, and all the teachers in this field, who want to have better sex.

Some know what that means, some don’t, they’re looking for something more.

And what better sex is, is its own discussion, because it’s different for different people, and it’s different every day. And there are so many elements to better sex.

Here’s the point, because I’ve said this before.

I’ve spoken lots about two things that will help you have better sex. And now we’re going to add a third.

The first two are Slow Down and Breathe.

The third is something I’m connecting with on a deeper level at the moment, in a way I never have before. Which again is a result of things falling into place in way that’s never been possible before.

Breathe into your heart.

Slow Down, Breathe, Breathe into your Heart.

Imagine that the breath is going into your Heart, your Heart Centre, and out from the same place. Slow, deep breaths.

Here’s what will happen. You’ll feel more, the sensations will be stronger, you’ll be more present in your body and less in your thoughts, so you’ll be more connected and feel more intimate. You’ll be more aware of the energy in your body. Because you’re breathing deeper you’ll be more relaxed. This allows the energy from your pelvis, from your genitals to move through your body so it becomes a more full-body experience. You’ll have greater control of your sexual energy, which means that for a man you’ll be able to last longer.

And something happens from this, often without you even thinking about it, which is one of the most important elements in having better sex. You’ll lose the focus on orgasm. That doesn’t mean don’t have orgasms. But in this space orgasms happen without us trying to make them happen, achieve them, make our partner come, all the performance and pressure stuff. And you’ll be able to feel that there are different orgasms, not only different types, but actual different orgasms that are based on your energy state.

This will also help change your sexual pattern in an easy and gentle way.

On the journey to better sex this is so important. We generally have sex in pretty much the same way. To change the pattern we have to do something different. And when it comes to sex we don’t know what that is, what we could be doing, what the experiences are. This is where learning comes in, the how to. When we don’t know what the possibilities are, we go to our default setting. We do what we know. Simply because we don’t know what else to do. And there is so much to learn that will enhance your pleasure and intimacy.

You can begin to change it by doing this.

Slow Down, Breathe, Breathe into your Heart.